Steven Budden - Write with Wild Abandon

Take your writing to another level. Draw from your deepest knowing, and deliver it in such a way that it is undeniable. 

With inspired, revolutionary, one-on-one writing guidance, (from a writer who's been through the fray) ...

Steven Budden - Writing Coach

The world need your words. 

Your voice. Your semantic music. 

No one in history ever has (or ever will) live a life exactly like yours. 

Only you get to see this rich and lustrous tapestry of phenomena we call LIFE through those eyes; through those filters. 

This is an invitation to share (and continue to share). To pour your universe into a bottle and pass it around. 

I have a guarantee for you.

The more of YOU you allow to trickle into your writing, the more it WILL inspire, uplift, teach, persuade

If you want to write better, I can support you. 

Especially if you're...

  • a visionary, groping to catch a little inspiration as it hurtles by

  • an entrepreneur, a leader, out in the field, spreading your vision like a wildfire 

  • a novelist, and that ancient archetype beckons you to refine your words into epic tomes

  • a wanderer, longing to capture the essence of the epic journey that is your life 

  • a revolutionary, penning manifestos that jolt people out of their daydreams

  • a blogger, scrawling sacred truths across the digital psyche of the collective

  • a poet... hair untethered. Soul too. Undone by the staggering madness of it all

  • a courageous lover,  refusing to be silenced by the wordless awe that surfaces in the presence of the beloved

  • a seeker, dispelling darkness with a pen that runs with the ink of truth 

  • an activist, with no weapon but the words on your lips and the fire on your tongue

  • a wounded healer, deepening the process by writing and rewriting of your personal mythology

IN truth, you're a little of all of the above.

A human being.

An elaborate constellation of stories.

A string extraordinary moments. 

A wayfaring soul plumbing the depths of what it means to be alive, 

fearlessly sharing your discoveries with your world;

casting your message in a bottle out to sea...

Steven Budden - Writing Coach

I'll be the first to tell you... 

The muse can be a fickle and mysterious bedfellow. 

If you don't honor her, she can devastate you. 

  • Sometimes the 'creative process' feels like casting a fishing line out in the middle of a dry desert. You wait. Chew on dust. 

  • Sometimes, inspiration gushes over and the pen doesn't seem to move fast enough (or those frantic fingers at the keyboard). It's thrilling and terrifying

Life goes by.

Years. Months. Days. 

You breathe and and out, 20,000 times a day. Each second, billions of your cells die and are reborn; swept up in the dance of continual becoming and fading away.

In other words, what you think you ARE is an illusion. 

It's the spaces between the cells; that immortal part of you, where you'll find a wellspring of creative juices that never dries up. The message that is not in the words, but in the spaces between the words, between the lines. 

"Music is the silence between the notes.”

I want to support you to touch that place. 

Not from burn-out mode like so many others. 

But in a sustainable, embodied way. 

We won't necessarily work on bestselling status, the business-end of getting published, book proposals

We will work on... 

  • You conjuring up your most authentic, most sublime, most rapturous renditions of truth and beauty

  • You unleashing that litany of words that flow from your core... from your very soul, to uplift or heal or edify or shake up whomever it touches. 

  • You discovering or inventing unique and brilliant ways to share the magic you do and are. 

So what is great writing? 

A defiant roar in the face of the inevitable abyss.

An embrace wide enough to hold the sorrow and the bliss; the ocean and the stars and every grain of sand. The beloved and their entire lineage. 

Great writing is a surrender to the profoundness of the mystery. 

Your Scribbled Legacy

If you're ambitious, you can weave your words into a legacy that generations to come will remember

If you're even more ambitious, you can scribble the note that your beloved soaks with tears of joy. 

Whatever ambitions you have for your language, are yours. 

In the digital world we live in... 

language is the torrential force that can open people's eyes and invite them to dance with life again.

Steven Budden - Writing Coach

As you begin to touch on the words you were destined to write, it can feel like taking a breath again, for the first time in a long time. 

Let me support you to bring YOUR words to life.   

Steven Budden - Writing Coach

Who am I?

I'm Steven Budden. Healer, artist, entrepreneur, visionary.

I've been a writer all my life. 

I've written novels, healing manuals, scantily clad posts about love. I've written love letters, emails, blog posts, rants and songs. 

I write for love. I write to spread my message. I write to forge connections. 

Like you, I've yet to write my masterpiece. 

But that's ok... we're still young enough. 

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How I'll support you

First, we'll work together to really hone in on what you are driven to express. 

Then, we'll begin crafting and refining tangible expressions of your deepest truth. 

If you already have tangible expressions, we'll refine and polish those until they're as powerful as they can be, and sift through the madness to find your gems. 

On this journey... we can go as deep as you desire. 

  • Understand, unwind, clear your creative blocks 
  • Arrange your torrential brilliance into something cohesive and legible 
  • Create and sustain a beautiful, lifelong ritual of writing or journaling 
  • Brainstorm and refine pieces for publication 
  • Reinvent your online presence and infuse it with new life
  • Finish your abandoned masterpiece (or abandon it and start anew) 
  • Craft compelling posts to help gather your tribe 
  • Write a script or screenplay 

I don't work with everyone. I work with people who I think are making a positive impact on the world. 

Is this you? I think it might be... 

What's different about this opportunity? 

Most 'writing coaches' have no idea how to coach. Some of them know how to write. 

I have intensive experience in each. 

I also guarantee that you make progress on your project. Or I'll refund your fee. Simple. 

How much does it cost? 

That depends on how we decide to work together. After I get a little more information about your project and where you are 'stuck' or just need a little nudge, I'll outline how I may best be able to serve you. With a few options outlined that I feel will support, based on your needs, time, and budget. 

Where do we start? 

Send me a message with a little more information about the project or idea you'd love some support with: 

Name *

I'll respond with some initial thoughts and some ideas about how we may be able to best work together. I may ask you for samples. 

You can take my advice for FREE or discard it. Simple. 

If you decide we may be a good fit, we can figure out a way to work together to that inspires you. 

I look forward to reading your words,  and watching them fill with life. 

Love and Flow,



Write with Wild Abandon

(Facebook post from summer)

"I write like a desperado now, desperately cobbling technologies so disparate that bringing them into the same house, let alone the same room, is blasphemy. I’ve never felt so utterly compelled to transmute the ineffable into something, anything. I write in staccato fragments on wine-kissed napkins and I fill flop-eared notebooks with long, lugubrious rants. I pound out paragraphs on a macbook pro. When the battery dies and the cord gets frayed, I leap to a 1936 smith corona, and grind through the rust. And when the ribbon runs dry, I soak it in tears to wrench a little more ink out of it. 

Last night was a full moon. Writing in the full moon is like a hemorrhage. I wish I didn’t have to do it. But hell, sometimes the moon is full. When she is, she looms low in the sky to the south, but I know she’s there. I can’t sleep. The words come out too quickly. My skull creaks at the sutures. It’s like making love so uninhibited that it climaxes in rampant animalistic acts; dramatic and feral. Wild with the sea foam, matted with brine. Eternal. Fleeting. There’s everything wrong with it, probably, but it’s ok, because it’s how nations are born, and popes, and prodigies, and prostitutes. 

This is how I fling words into the face of every tribulation that comes across the water... with abandon."

Steven Budden - Write with Wild Abandon