Detoxify your body for the most direct path to healing physical and emotional conditions; dramatically enhance your quality of life. 

Without medical intervention, for a minimal investment... 

you can heal from the inside out, by consuming food that is actually pleasurable, on a primal, instinctual level.

This is the most profound healing strategy in the world. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. 

It's been tested time and time again for decades, and has healed almost every physical, emotional, and psychological issue there is. 


  • Simple and easy to apply
  • Heals virtually any symptom or disease, by rejuvenating and detoxifying body tissue
  • Affordable. The cost will probably be less than your current diet
  • Rebalances hormones and gland function
  • Rebalances blood sugar so you have more stable energy
  • Naturalizes sleep patterns so you can rest easy
  • Instinctually pleasurable
  • You know you are healing and moving in the direction of healing


  • May seem restrictive
  • Requires self restraint (you will need to surrender addictive foods)
  • Disinformation programming is difficult to overcome
  • It takes time (though it is the most direct path)
  • Potential detox symptoms

What is this miraculously simple, powerfully effective solution?


First of all, most cleanses are scams. Or they start with good intentions, and then add ingredients that completely erode their health potential. A few examples are adding random probiotics to green drinks, or adding protein powders to cleanse regiments, or adding yogurt to smoothies. In this case, the simplest really is the best (and most affordable). 

It is unrealistic, too, to promise results with cleanses of just a few days (less than 10) or relatively clean diets of 30 days. If you have a short time to heal, try water or even dry fasting, with caution. 


Human beings aren't omnivores by design, and that belief will cost you. 

Humans probably began eating more widely in response to environmental changes or necessity. Still, evidence shows that the body can be healed with the diet that was the original diet for humans. 

The best advice anyone ever got on diet comes from an ancient book... 

Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.” - Genesis. 

It is actually the first mention of food in the Bible. Then it all goes downhill. (For more details, look at Gabriel Cousen's book, Conscious Eating, or Heretic's Feast). 

Most of our dis-seases are in some part self-inflicted, usually with the assistance of well-funded misinformation campaigns. (Dietary and otherwise). You have been assailed at from all angles with dietary advice that will keep you ill. If you've found yourself confused, you're not alone. 

Welcome to the undoing of misinformation. 

This approach will heal you in the shortest possible timeframes, from the inside out. 

It heals the cause, rather than merely masking symptoms. AND it is simple and low cost. (How many other remedies can say that?) 

The fruit approach has been used to heal virtually every disease under the sun, from basic to life threatening. Cancer, HIV, Herpes, Viral and Fungal Infections, Lyme Disease, Bowel Conditions, Skin Conditions (Eczema, Dandruff, Psoriasis), Prolapsed Disks, Nerve Damage, MS, Arthritis, Thyroid Conditions, Blood Sugar Conditions, Hormonal Imbalances, Ear, Nose, and Throat issues. Some diseases may require a longer duration of cleanse, and / or the addition of herbs and intermittent or dry fasting.  

Perhaps this is why it has been kept a secret? (It is not profitable for the medical establishment.)

To the contrary...

You can wean yourself off of dependence from the medical model, supplementation, and many other disempowering (and costly) systems, that not only are of minimal benefit, are also often damaging to the system. 

All you will need here is the willpower, knowledge, and fruit, the first two of which we will supply during our journey together.

You won't find this in many places. Either because it is too simple to market, or too effective. 

The 'Miracle' of Fruit. 

Organic fruit is the most clean-burning fuel for the body. As this maximally efficient energy source is taken in, coupled with the exclusion of non-foods, the body naturally heals, emotions come into balance, and consciousness expands. 

This approach is intense. It may bring on a healing ‘crisis’, which is the body detoxifying and repairing damaged or weakened tissues. You will need support during this challenging time, which this group will support with. We will also explore healthy ways of slowing down the detoxification process. 

Remarkable healing has happened for countless people on a fruit-based diet. 

Join us and take control of your future and your health. Redirect your resources from the medical complex toward actual healing. 

If you feel like you just don’t look or feel like yourself, this approach can get you back on track. 

This cleanse can alleviate and heal: 

  • Dark Circles Under your Eyes
  • Excess Body fat
  • Poor muscle tone 
  • Cravings (sugar cravings show up because our body is designed to run on sugar... we just choose the wrong kinds). 
  • Digestive issues
  • Skin tone, rashes, acne
  • Skin spots, scars, warts moles
  • Asymmetry
  • Nerve damage 
  • Hair loss
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Joint or Back Pain
  • Postural issues
  • Muscle Aches
  • Issues with Focus or Clarity
  • Vision Issues
  • Every disease you can name, even 'incurable' ones
  • Distended abdomen 

The misinformation is rampant. I'm glad you made it this far! 

I'm continually asking myself how I can support deep healing in the MOST people, and this approach is one of the ways to do it.

The Beautiful Frugivore™ Healing Cleanse

Frugivore: an animal that feeds on fruit.

Do you ever wonder why so many people seem to be getting diseases, and dying of unnatural causes? It is not the natural course. We each have the right to break free of the loop, for the sake of our ancestors and our children. A simple diet of 'whole foods' will not do it, if the body is laden with toxins (and it is... we live in a toxic world). A paleo, ketogenic, ayurvedic, asian, etc approach will not do it, either. 

Fortunately, we know what will. 

We will focus on building a loving, supportive environment,  while re-educating about nourishment, nutrition, and assumptions we've all been indoctrinated into since childhood. I grew up on fast food. My friends have become ill and aged prematurely, my family members have health challenges. I have been driven to discover this information, heal my body, and now I'm driven to support others in lifting themselves out of suffering. I had to learn through clumsy trial and error, while I fought the misinformation campaigns, and I hope to spare you much of that. 

It may take continual interaction with these facts in order for them to take root. Much of it goes against our most deeply held convictions. The system has been designed that way. I'm going to introduce you to edifying, challenging resources, that will inspire you and hopefully keep you firm in your resolve. 

This, coupled with the support from the group dynamic, will allow you to float over many of the difficulties most people suffer from. It is like an insurance policy for your health. 

Plus you'll just look and feel better and better.

Radiant eyes and skin, lustrous hair, toned muscle, more energy, more clarity, more positive emotions are just a few of the benefits.  

Since human beings are frugivores by design, you'll be feeling more and more of your potential along the path, as a being living on pure food. Most of the creatures in nature don't suffer from the 'omnivore's dilemma'. Things are much simpler than we have been taught. 

Just in the spirit of transparency, if you 'become ill' or start discharging mucus, that is a sign that you are in a toxic state. Keep reframing it as a positive event, because whatever is removed in those moments will support the body in healing and rebuilding. Usually we suppress these cleanses with pharmaceuticals, which eventually also need to be cleared from the system. 

We will also introduce and implement some natural, simple ways to measure health and progress. 

Why now? 

Either you're already ill, or you feel your health declining or symptoms showing up. Now is the time to heal. Now is the time to begin reversing those issues before they manifest as something even more severe. 

What fortunate timing! SPRING is the best time in the year to engage in this. The ideal fruits are just coming into season, and more will arrive around summer.  The weather is mild in many climates, which makes it easier for the body to acclimate to a mostly raw diet. Also, incorporating some sunlight and sunbathing into the regimen supports the body in purifying itself. 

Why now... ?


My name is Steven Budden.

I'm a life enhancement expert, the founder of Flow Healing Arts, and the author of Flow: An Illuminated Training Manual. I started researching dietary approaches years ago to support with my mother's MS and father's Bipolar symptoms.

After a suggestion from my friend, yogini Ali Kamenova, I tested this fruit approach (on myself) for a year and confirmed the healing benefits before sharing it with anyone. I know how easy it is to get excited about an approach and run out to preach about it. For a year I lived in a cabin in the redwoods in Northern California and voraciously researched while eating all or mostly fruit, combined with days of fasting. 

When I verified the approach healed psychological and physical issues, I gradually introduced it to clients, and noticed that their healing was radically amplified.

So I decided to bring this approach directly to you. 

How do I Join?

This is a month-by-month offering, which will run until it is done.

How long will I need?  

That depends on you, your genetics, level of toxicity, what you are healing, and what level of vitality you are aiming for. 1 month will get you rolling, and then you can decide to do more. You can also follow along and do as much of the 1 month as you can. There's no commitment. You can continue on with us or continue on your own. The stricter you are with it, the faster the healing happens... so one month of just fruit, or even just one kind of fruit (grapes, for instance), can heal many things. 

We embark on May 15th. 

You are not required to make it to live calls, as they will be recorded. You can do this at your own schedule. 

the One month beautiful frugivore

What will I get? 

Option 1 - The Minimalist


  • Online Community of Members to Share Experiences, Questions, Offer Support, Etc. 
  • Live Calls and Video Calls 
  • Emailed resources and support for emotional and physical detox symptoms
  • Addressing Common Concerns
  • Herbal Education and Suggestions
  • Tools for dealing with mental chatter and doubt

Option 2 - The Sensualist

All options above plus:

  • Personalized email support
  • Personalized suggestions and assignments

Option 3 - The Cornucopia 

All options above, plus:

  • Guided individual Skype calls, to move through emotional blockages
  • A package of paperback books to facilitate the journey, mailed
  • Prepared Herbal Blends to support you on the journey, as recommended, mailed

What will I really get? 

  • Radiant eyes and skin
  • Lustrous, thick hair
  • Improved muscle tone
  • More energy
  • Greater clarity
  • More positive emotions 
  • Increases personal magnetism
  • Greater body awareness
  • Inspiration to lean into your BEST SELF
  • Deep emotional and physical healing


What about protein? 

Protein will be avoided. It is congestive to the system during times of healing. (Gerson, Ehret, Dr. Sebi, Dr. Morse, and other healers discovered this). If you hear voices in your head wondering you're going to get your protein, we will dispel those myths and explore the origin of those voices during our journey. (Breast milk, the ideal food for growth and development, contains 0.8%--0.9% protein).

Will I still be able to exercise? 

You will. Though at the beginning, while detoxing, you may choose to spare your energy for the body's healing (recommended). Gentle aerobic is best, and yoga. 

Will I gain or lose weight? 

Your weight may fluctuate slightly, though mostly people lose fat, and eventually gain muscle as absorption improves. 

Do I need to eat just fruit? 

There are transitional foods that are relatively innocuous that you can work in if you are starving, and I will go into those. A salad, for instance, and a baked sweet potato, perhaps. 

Will I still be able to function at school or work? 

You will still be able to function at school or work (though some days of detoxifying you may feel 'cold' and 'flu' type symptoms. Try not to suppress those, as that is the body coming into balance. There are natural ways to slow the detox process, that we can use as needed. 

Will this work for X (name of disease).

Yes. For more extreme cases, you may need to be more strict with it. 

Will this supply all of the nutrients I need? 

In abundance. 

Will I need to take supplements? 

You will not need supplements during the cleanse, and you would do well to avoid them. 

Does it matter what my genetic profile or blood type is? 

No. This will heal any body. We will go into great depth as to why that is. 

I don't like fruit. 

If you don't 'like fruit', your body is out of touch with its natural instincts, for various reasons, and that will improve as the systems heal. 

Someone said fruit sugar feeds cancer. 

The people who have said that have a low success rate for healing cancer. Fruit as a prime source of nourishment has healed more cancer than any other dietary approach. 

A doctor or system said I need to eat X or Y.

If X or Y is not a fruit or an herb, you can avoid it and it will support healing. 

How long do I need to do this for? 

It depends on what you are working with, and how toxic your system is. The first months are to gauge your body response. Some people heal most of their complains in just weeks or months. Others require a longer duration. I suggest one month to begin with... one month of just doing the best you can with it. 

Do I need to eat ALL fruit? ? 

The more days you spend eating all fruit, the faster you will heal. For some, it takes some transitioning to get into the all fruit phase, which we will discuss. In this transitional phase, you can eat MOSTLY fruit. 

What kind of fruit do I need? 

Organic where possible. Fresh as possible. Local as possible. Frozen as needed (wild blueberries are some of the best, for instance). 

What if I have an event where I need to be social and eat x or y. 

We will deal with those types of challenges as they arise. There is no need to feed the body in ways that will perpetuate suffering in order to socialize, though this is a powerful psychological draw. If you do go off course, there are ways to get back on. 

Do I need to maintain this dietary approach forever? 

No, though you may be inspired to carry it forward. You can always use it whenever you need healing. 

Required Investment Per Month

Option 1 - $300 

Option 2- $700

Option 3 - $1200 

The cleanse begins on May 15th. That gives you a little time to ready yourself 

Will you join us? 

Beautiful Frugivore
from 300.00

Life is about to get a whole lot better. 

Bring on the Fruit

In truth,


There are always more questions. To have some answered now, watch the videos below. The rest we will answer during the cleanse. 

Here is a page I wrote recently:

Healing Disease and Trauma through a Fruit Diet

Dr. Morse, a seasoned practitioner, discussing fruit sugar and the healing properties.