How do you move forward without backsliding? Give the body the opportunity to catch up with the mind.

The body becomes the tangible expression of the unconscious. Once you can hone into and locate where in the body these beliefs are manifesting, and how, they can be revealed, adjusted, shifted, and moved. Sometimes they are revelation and the adjustment occur at the same time; sometimes they are staggered.

There are certain practices you can engage in that ensure that the unconscious beliefs shift with the body, even if you don't know what these beliefs are. Vipassana is one example, as are certain therapies with a somatic component. Most of them only skim the surface, unfortunately, though they plant the seed of eventual deepening. 

Archetypal Experiences

People are tempted to label these experiences 'past life memories,' and move on. I call them 'archetypal experiences' because it is broader. The point is, they become as real as any visceral experience, and they remain unexplained. And this is a beautiful space to work from. Beliefs can limit experience, because you can only see what fits into your belief structure. 

The price of embodiment

Currently, in our culture, there is little value placed on 'embodiment.' That is not entirely surprising. For one thing, it is difficult to commodify, and thus valued less. It takes in-depth exploration, in a culture that values quick satisfaction. Also, I think embodiment as a way of being is a dangerous prospect, because an embodied person is difficult to control. 

How Judgmental Thoughts Hamper Conscious Development (and embodiment)

So the mind will rebel tooth and nail against embodiment. Right when we drop into the body, the mental chatter will chime: 'are you really in touch? Is this real? Is any of this real? Will this last? You're deluding yourself. He's deluding you. Tomorrow you'll be exactly as you were... perhaps worse, because you're carrying the weight of this delusion now. This practitioner is pulling the wool over your eyes. Don't indulge in wishful thinking... it's childish.' Etc etc, ad nauseum. 

Any personality is a false personality.

The masks the Greek dramatists wore were called Personae. The word 'personality' comes from the Greek Per (through) and Sona (sound). The masks were built with amplifying devices around the mouth, to amplify the speaker's voice so that the crowd could hear.

This word 'personality' has clung to us, and come to mean something else entirely. We take it to be something that represents us. In actuality, it is still the mask we present to the world, which often speaks louder than our essence. 

Remove the armor. Drop the mask. Show us your true face; let us hear your real voice... the one that arises out of your core. I want to hear your music, see your dance, and watch you move mountains with a whisper. 

We are waiting for you, and have been for a long time. 

In Truth,

Steven Budden

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Invite whatever is happening into the dance

If a fire engine goes wailing by during a meeting (or a walk, or a meditation, or a meal), or the wind chime sings, or a fierce storm kicks in, that means something. We can invite that into the dance (instead of seeing it as some sort of interruption).

It's life flowing. Life can't interrupt itself. 

Evolve and let others Evolve (no two paths are alike)

Walk your path; discover your lessons; transcend your wounds. Regather the pieces of yourself that you've left scattered in the past, and put them back on the road. When you slip into judgment, consider that all of these roads may be leading to the same place.

If you're glaring at someone else because their path appears different, you may miss that beautiful flower blooming on the roadside. If your chest is constricted, how are you going to catch this next breath? 

Leave your comfort zones: Evolve faster

If your body and mind are caught in familiar grooves that are no longer serving, break out of them by using what is unfamiliar. Soon, new grooves will be formed. You've rewired yourself. What you thought you were before no longer applies. 

In other words, dance in the ways you've never danced before. Breathe into the places you've never breathed before. Sing the songs you've never sung before. 

Live is unraveling and it's epic, because what you thought was chaos is really the dawn of the rapture. 

The process ripples out into your whole life

The deeper the work... and by that I mean, the more thorough the excavation process, the broader its scope. Powerful practitioners can really jostle things loose, sometimes to such a degree that life becomes barely recognizable. If you work the body into the process, this can all happen in seemingly 'impossible timeframes.'

Of course, total discombobulation is not the object. Skilled facilitators can balance the uprooting with predictability, and sustainability. Otherwise there is the chance that a person immediately gropes back for their old ways. At least they're... familiar.

Uproot the weeds; plant new flowers; nourish those flowers. 

The process ripples out

Think of it as pulling the thread of the sweater. Once you've pulled to a certain point, you can't go back... the sweater begins to unravel. Soon you'll be completely naked... the world around is a different place when you're naked. Suddenly, concerns change; points of focus change; priorities change. 

I encourage you to watch what happens beforeduring and after we interact and engage in a deep, focused inquiry. (Reading this is an engagement). Does your partner call to praise you, or does your client ream you, or does your friend blow you off, or does the financial shit hit the fan? These all mean something, and must be interpreted contextually, in light of your patterns, the work, your history, etc. What needs to be worked on will surface, in one way or another. 

A helpful question to ask is: what could this be directing me to? (This is complex and I'll cover it in other posts). 

We are meant to get lost in this lifetime, time and time again. To touch down upon the earth means to become a wanderer. It is written across the stars. Fortunately, the stars also function as a map and guidance system. No riddle exists that isn't paired with its solution. No illness exists that we are not equipped to heal. The two exist as one.

In every moment, many clues present themselves. As you notice them, other layers are revealed. Life deepens. 

Every moment is a chance to make another choice about what that moment (and life) means. 

What do you choose right now?  

In truth,

Steven Budden

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There's truth in the opposite.

There's truth in the opposite.

Dualities are over simplifications. Life is complex. There is a whole lot of beautiful gray, sprawling across the horizon. More often than not, we've arbitrarily chosen a side, based on conditioning, culture, whim, experience, or anything else. Just because we took a stand at some point, does not mean we have to remain there forever. Also, it does not mean our stand has any correlation with right or wrong; truth or fiction. 

Orchestrating Breakthroughs Part 2 (when you adjust a toe, the soul moves)

I can't tell you how many times I've adjusted a client's foot, and a dramatic life shift has followed. Because to adjust a part, means to move the pieces of the whole. You cannot consciously experience the adjustment of a toe, without adjusting the relationship to a parent, or a partner, or a disease, or a communication pattern. You cannot clear a distortion without the origin of the distortion surfacing (the emotional or physical trauma or whatever it is (was)).  To move the toe, adjusts the foot, which rotates the knee, which opens the hip, which engages the Iliopsoas and abdominal muscles (where we carry our core emotional baggage). And then the spine regains its natural curve, and the nerves open, and the viscera unwinds, and the heart opens, and the head has no choice but to adjust to the foundational shifts.

This is how intimately connected it all is. 

When you adjust a toe, the entire body moves. When the body moves, the soul moves. When the soul moves, other souls move; enterprises transform; cultures evolve; the world changes. 

Orchestrating Breakthroughs (part 1)

It is a profound experience to realize that everything you thought you knew was... if not wrong... incomplete. It is also exciting, because it becomes the clearing upon which new realities can be built. 

It is a profound experience to realize that what you thought were your issues were not actually your issues at all, and you'd been directing your earnest efforts in the wrong direction. Once you realize this, the path toward your fullest expression becomes much shorter. 

It is profound to turn and face your own consciousness, and to witness the power and wisdom that remains untarnished, complete, and holy, even through the most difficult times. We distance ourselves from our essence, but it never distances itself from us. 

It is profound to realize that most of our obstacles and impediments are either imagined or self imposed. Setting those down, by conscious choice, is like taking a breath of fresh air. What was impossible yesterday, suddenly becomes possible. 

We often fear that we will vanish without our patterns and our rigid belief systems. But I can tell you with certainty what happens when a belief system collapses... life force rushes in like a torrent. The personality falls away and the essence surfaces. 

My life's work is to orchestrate realizations like the ones above. I've found that they are most effectively facilitated via demonstrations, using the client's body as the 'field of awareness.' It becomes a conversation between the person and their essence, with the body acting as a sort of bridge. In this arena, the pathway opens, and the possibilities become almost endless. 

In truth,

Steven Budden

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Presence is a body-based phenomenon

If you are not showing up fully, regardless of what you are doing, there will be a sense of ‘incompleteness.’ The level of fulfillment will not be what it could be. I’ve found that this ‘not showing up fully’ has a fascinating physical component. We tend to think of not being present as a ‘wandering mind’. You may also have a ‘wandering leg’. This may require some explanation…

The way that consciousness circuits our physical form makes it impossible to differentiate between the body and mind. Some people give their all to becoming more present, only to never quite grasp what presence is. If there is still a residual trauma stored in the tissue somewhere, we are unable to show up to the moment fully. 

Meet the moment with your whole body. Sometimes it hurts, but you’ll feel more alive than ever before. When we dull pain, we dull our capacity for pleasure. This is why there are so many zombies walking around out there. Pain and pleasure are not black and white… they are nuanced constellations of sensations that we have labeled. Often a sensation registers as pain, because it is too intense to register as pleasure. Or a sensation registers as pleasure when it is painful, because something has been cross wired. 

I was with a client once, and during our standing work, I noticed she was leaning out with her heart physically (a common occurrence). As I adjusted that, and it was only 1/4 of an inch motion, her whole body began to tremble with energy, and tears began to flow. We were envisioning a difficult encounter with a boss, and she’d leaned out in order to not experience the emotion. As she leaned, in the emotion became available, and the whole body came back online, because when energy has to circumvent a body part, it blocks the flow throughout the whole. 

The solution is to touch the areas of emptiness, and verbally / mentally invite them back into the dialog with the moment. Touch your edges, your skin, and notice where you feel more fully, and where there is a void. Tune into the opposite side, and see if that is more full or more empty. 

This process enhances the capacity for aliveness. 

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Every Posture Tells a Story; Finding your most Empowered Self through Standing Work

Your destiny may or may not be written in the stars, but your history is written in your posture. Broken hearts, dashed dreams, lost innocence. Cues to every one of those relics of the human experience are bound up in your posture somewhere. We can see them. 

A client was carrying her lost father in her left shoulder. Her father used to take her by the arm to cross the street, and the muscle was still holding on, years after his death. It manifested as an asymmetrical gait and shoulder pain. It was the physical manifestation of an inability to commit to a man. As we released it, through a gentle tug, her life transformed. She was married soon after, and her shoulder pain vanished. We wouldn't have known it was there, without this gentle tug that changed her life. 

Hearts that are broken either armor up and puff out, or lean back and shrink, to avoid further pain. I sometimes touch a heart and feel an ocean of sadness. The way to clear that is to pass through the ocean, not to try to bypass it. It doesn’t have to burst through all at once… it can trickle out. But most of these postural cues have to do with unresolved or incomplete past experiences. 

When the heart falls back, the body compensates. Usually, the pelvis falls forward. If you think of what it may mean to lead life from the pelvic center… what comes to mind? One pattern that I notice is that when people lead with the pelvis, their relationships tend to begin on a sexual note, and accessing vulnerability is sometimes a challenge. Lasting relationships are a challenge. A simple correction of the posture often has dramatic impact on these types of patterns. Sometimes after a few adjustments, a client will come back and tell me that they’ve met someone way outside of their usual pattern. 

The feet turn out and the arches collapse when stability is lost in early childhood. Perhaps the connection to the original homeland was lost, or the world reared it’s head and turned out to be an unsafe place. People associate this with a genetic predisposition to a certain structure. (eg. I have my mother’s feet). We’ll get into why that is disempowering in another post. It is not genetic, though it can accompany a learned worldview. (I see the world as my mother saw it, and my body reacts accordingly). Lifting arches is a simple practice, and as the body relearns to stand, the bones shift and adjust. 

Knees turned in slightly often refer to a sexual trauma; the body is unconsciously guarding the core. From this position, it is difficult to be fully open to new love (though possible to be open to disconnected sexual encounters). Sometimes the sexual trauma did not involve touch, but just something as subtle as a word, a gesture, or a look from someone. 

When any of these pieces of the equation move, the entire constellation moves. Meaning, adjust the feet, and the pelvis, head, and heart will need adjustment. For convenience, I refer to the 3 body centers, head, heart, and gut. They are physical and energetic. 

The head often falls forward during walking, and the gaze falls to the ground. This can symbolize the disconnection from the body, and encourage an ego-based way of viewing the world. It is the absent-minded professor, roaming the halls, living life theoretically rather than experientially. Tuck the chin in slightly. Let the eyes look into the distance… the future, while walking, and the patterns shift. Living beings come into view again. The heart engages. 

Sometimes, we don’t know what message our posture is sending until someone tells us, but it is sending out a message that people are picking up on. If you’re standing in a collapsed way, chances are you’re negating your own actions and your own message. Leadership suffers. Intimacy suffers.  

Correction of the posture often reveals the history. It brings what was unconscious to consciousness. A little caveat: what most people consider ‘correct’ posture is anatomically inaccurate and unsustainable. 

So what is an empowered posture? It is a way of standing so that the life force can flow freely, and directed as desired, toward effective, meaningful action. 

A few tips: 

The feet are parallel. The knees are soft and unlocked. The toes are spread out on the earth. The knees are centered along the leg. The spine maintains its natural curve. The pelvis, heart, and head, imagined as 3 spheres, align when viewed from the side. There is general symmetry, right to left. The head floats over the heart. The muscles are relaxed. There is no effort required to stand in the way we were designed to stand. We are fluid beings, not a precarious stack of solid bones. 

Discover your empowered posture; dramatically enhance the quality of your life. 

Be courageous enough to meet the moment with your whole body. Find the places you have been hiding or ‘leaning out’, and reveal yourself and lean in.

Evolutionary leap, delivered. 

Steven Budden

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Amplifying Effectiveness; Purifying your Creation Cycle

Most people are incapable of effective action, not because of a lack of talent, ability, or motivation. They are incapable of effective action because they live entirely in reaction to unresolved life events. 

Improving the world and your quality of your life requires effective action, so I’m going to analyze and break down what effective action is, and how evolution occurs during the unraveling of personal patterns, and how my original approach supports this. 

Before effective action can be taken, information must be gathered, so that a far-reaching strategy can be formulated. The most important information arises out of stillness, or ‘not doing.’ In this way, ‘not doing’ becomes an integral component of directed, effective action.

Examples of action in terms of re-action abound. One example is attempting to make money because you were poor in the past. This is not the purest state of wealth creation, because it is essentially a reaction to poverty (a state which has probably long sense passed). There are other components that may figure in, such as living differently from the father figure, or seeking redemption on his behalf. 

Muscling through these types of patterns via non-effective action, against the gravity of the situation, I call ‘forced action’. It can ‘get things done’, however there are drawbacks. It is less efficient energetically, because there is a lot of friction, as the gears of unresolved events and unreconcilable unconscious beliefs grind against one another. Only a fraction of the energy you are investing actually makes its way into the project. The rest is lost. Spending energy in this way is not sustainable, and illness or failure inevitably follow. This is why building wealth at the expense of vitality is us not sustainable, and therefore cannot be considered success, regardless of qualitative measures. 

Forced action is diluted action. The multiplicity of objectives are illogical, and often at odds with one another. As an example, I desire more money to compensate for childhood poverty patterns. I also want to deepen my relationship with my father, and abandoning his poverty mentality and anger at economic systems, which we’ve bonded over in the past, via conversations and rants, may distance us. So I try to keep a foot in both pools. A ‘cleaner’ motive (arising out of the core) increases the efficacy of action (sometimes by redirecting the energy entirely to something more aligned). In this case, making money to fulfill your personal vision for you self, to enhance your evolution, support your family, etc. 

Another consideration, perhaps the most important, is the fulfillment (or lack of fulfillment) that follows action.  Somewhere along the line of translating intention into reality, we need to discern exactly where the intention comes from, and whether it is from a clean source. Otherwise, we are not creating OUR reality: we are either pushing against a reality we don’t believe in (intuitively or programmed), or creating the reality that we think someone else may approve of (a parent or mentor, for instance). 

Effective action in the direction of our vision is ultimately more fulfilling, as the vision manifests, because the intention was aligned, so the result is pleasing to witness. It is less fulfilling to look out on our creation and to realize it was not our intention at all, but the adopted intention of another individual or a even a culture. We come out weary, for having ‘pushed so hard’ against the thing we were against. 

What is the solution?  

Resolving the past, and completing the incomplete loops is foundational in powerful creative cycles. I have found that the most effective way to discover and complete these loops is through precise, physical touch, guided by intuition and powerful questions. A once skeptical client recently called my approach a ‘panacea’ that positively impacted every area of her life; creativity, career clarity, relation to husband and children, clarity of communication. 

An example of an  Effective Creation Cycle

  • Phase 1. - Seed (Non-linear. May come in the form of inspiration, or intention to support oneself or another) 
  • Phase 2. - Information gathering from 2 sources. Unconscious and Conscious sources. The unconscious gathering comes from ‘not doing’. 
  • Phase 3. - Strategizing  (including analysis if the seed and resources, to see if implementation aligns with core values).  
  • Phase 4. - Effective Action, energy efficient and focused, so that minimal effort is needed to impact the strategy. Dandelion spore metaphor comes in useful. 
  • Phase 5. Calibration to  adjust tactics to Increase effectiveness. or adjust strategy.  
  • Loops back to prior phases, or a new seed. 

Where does the Budden strategy fit in? 

The Budden Strategy, this sweeping out of residual energy linked to unresolved past events, involves the foray into pure subjectivity, and the personal witnessing of the constellations of systems, sensations, and stories that are making up the current moment. What is incomplete is discovered, through touch, and completed, through verbal and emotional processing. This process clears the way for greater objectivity along the cycle of creation. Every phase along the cycle of creation is dramatically amplified, by the improved ability to direct and efficiently use energy. 

In other words, when we touch on a point on the body, and process whatever memory or emotion arises, it clears the channel, brings what was unconscious to consciousness (enlightenment). In the wake of these clearings, life changes, because what is between you and your essence falls away. You are no longer living entirely in reaction to anger about a past slight; you are  living for your true purpose. 

In truth,

Steven Budden

Are you the Curator of your Reality?

I stopped using social media entirely for a year when it became overwhelming. I was excavating deeply held beliefs, and could not find my balance with so many varied opinions perennially flickering before my eyes.

When I came back, after the year-long hiatus, it was to run a few business ads. I could barely endure it. It reminded me that, when in 2013, I did a 10 day Vipassana retreat sans technology, it took months before I could comfortably use social media again. It was blinding and overstimulating. It made me nauseous.

There was this moment during the retreat when I saw nature glistening, and heard ants walking up the trunks of trees, and the rustle leaves twisting in the canopies above became like a symphony. It was a level of depth, clarity and focus that I never experienced when I was plunged into the world of social media and sensory overload. I'd experienced it in younger years, and had nearly forgotten the possibilities. 

In my mind, seeing the summaries (or interpretations) of countless moments in a thousand extraordinary lives; weddings, holidays, deaths, distilled into the span of a few minutes… is an abstraction that the body has not evolved to process. My body, anyway. It reminds me of when I saw the Up Series; a documentary that interviews the participants every 7 years, from age 7 to 56. After I watched all of those in a row, I slept for a few days. It was powerful, beautiful, too much. 

I want to hear those ants again, and see nature again in that light, the way it glistened. That was seven days into a silent retreat of almost constant meditation, without reading, speaking, or eye contact. I haven’t been silent that long since. 

It comes back to this concept of curating reality. Not long ago, it was the mainstream media in a sense, curating our realities. There were a limited number of realities to choose from, really. CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, BBC, and the alternate channels of investigative journalism, or new age channels, or conspiracy theory channels. Now anyone on their digital soapbox can potentially be a channel. 

What I came to realize, when I left Facebook, was that I felt better. There was a detoxification process first, where I felt worse. I’d find myself reaching for my phone, for some sort of hit of the good stuff. Eventually, that automatic behavior died away, and a haze lifted. I felt better. 

When I came back on, Trump was vying for the presidency with Hillary, and I saw the most bizarre rants about each of them, most of which seemed like personal projections more than anything. They were opinions I didn’t care to hear.

I realized that by following someone on Facebook, I was at least opening myself to their opinion, if not directly soliciting it. I unfollowed almost everyone. 

We are a constellation of stories. It is critical to consider where our stories, the stories that make up who we believe we are, come from. Many of us adopt stories passively. Diagnoses. Relationship theories. World views. I call this ‘victimhood.’

After my hiatus,  I saw, with vivid clarity, that the random associations of friends and strangers, their edited or unedited rants, however unlikely, were burrowing my belief systems through sheer repetition. When I was talking on subjects, I’d notice their phrases slipping into my head, or even into my speech. I could espouse eloquently on many things I knew nothing about, without ever slowing down to realize a conscious thought. 

They told me that the end was near. Clearly this was the end of the Kali Yuga, and some huge cataclysm was mounting, as financial and governmental systems were crumbling. 

When I looked out my office window, to the tall grass waving in the gentle breeze, I saw a different playing field… one that was more… open to interpretation. It was the faintest whisper of the wind. I was taking the time to let nature glisten. There is a difference between the window and the screen. One seems closer to reality; via the other, reality seems to be many more veils and interpretations away. 

It is one of our birthrights to be able to interpret our experiences, and suffer or rejoice accordingly. We live in a time when suffering seems to the more popular path. People love to suffer, and they’re drawn in as if by gravity to the mainstream views.  Social media gives us an opportunity to be ostentatious in our suffering, our loss, our grief. If you believe that the world is an unjust place, rail about it. You can instantly see whatever you tune into from any area of the world. There will always be pain, suffering, and agony to rail against. Join the huddled masses, digitally. Or, force a smile, photoshop your teeth until they glow like the surface of the full moon, and only post your world through rose-colored glasses… you on the beach and such, or on a date.  We can still see your pain… rest assured of that. 

The Trump rants reminded me of that quote that is attributed to the ‘Buddha’,  ‘Anger is like drinking poison and hoping that the other person dies.’

Social media platforms are like these elaborate alchemical devices that can dilute and distill emotional toxins, which, through some mysterious and complex circumnavigation, always seem to wind them right back in the sender’s mouth. 

Mostly, people automatically underestimate and oversimplify the ever expanding dance of consciousness. The evolution of a human being is the opposite of this… becoming more open to possibilities and alternate realities. Even ‘liking’ or ‘disliking’ a post erodes consciousness, by imposing black and white distinctions onto every subtle, nuanced sliver of reality. In cognitive behavioral therapy, ‘Black and white’ thinking is one of the cognitive distortions. Is it any wonder that Facebook as been shown to be correlated with depression? 

(Now I see that you can also choose little yellow emoticons to represent your response to a Facebook post, though I haven’t tried it…). 

Most people  are so certain of their reality, they have immunized themselves against personal growth. From an intellectual perspective, they are corpses. I’m not certain you can die to growth and still have a flourishing soul, though it is probably in there somewhere. Note to the zombies: If you’ve died long ago, I suggest being quieter. Let the people who are still open to discovery hear themselves think. I know, I know… you can’t hear me. 

If you want to know a topic profoundly, so that it resonates in your bones, unlearn what you think you know by approaching it from every angle. Especially the angles you don’t agree with. If you’ve sanctified someone, read a critique of them. Don’t muscle through it, but see if you can read it with an open mind. I can guarantee that you’ve read books in a soft and accepting mindset that turned out to be false, and vice versa. History is always unfolding based on new discoveries and political and cultural agendas. 

I suggested this to one of my clients, and he decided to read Hillbilly Elegy, which, for him, was leaning into his edge, as a liberal gay man. He was able to actually take in the other viewpoint (conservative, 'right'), though he didn’t necessarily agree with it. 

Live your life. Guard your sense doors. Keep your eyes wide open.

In the end, we create out of what we take in. Nourish your soul without feigning blissful ignorance. It is a balance, and most of us tilt toward overstimulation. Allowing yourself to be constantly inundated with the inane opinions of others leaves little room for original thought. Everything is in reaction to a skewed version of reality. 

Choose wisely. Unfollow energy drains. Find antagonists and inspirations that impel you onward, toward your highest path. Tiptoe lightly across this minefield we’ve created. 

Oh, and remember the flowers. 

In truth,

Steven Budden 

Power is a function of Velocity

“Your power is a function of velocity, that is to say, your power is a function of the rate at which you translate intention into reality. Most of us disempower ourselves by finding a way to slow, impede, or make more complex than necessary the process of translating intention into reality.”

-Werner Erhard

The work begins with removing these impediments, emotional and physical, so that we can translate intention into reality in the shortest time possible. 

99% of the time, this requires the somatic component, as many blockages can only be reached and released through the body. The distinction between a mediocre leader and a great leader is how far the latter is willing to go to realize their potential. 

In truth, 

Steven Budden 

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Nourishment for Enhanced Performance

It makes no sense to say 'I eat well compared to those around me.' We need to eat well enough so that vitality becomes first a possibility, and then a reality. Sometimes this means pristine eating for a number of months or years. What is 'pristine eating'? Fruit and herbs. 

We need to support our body intelligence in clearing out the system, resetting, and eventually rebuilding the body. During this process, you are dismantling the old, and building up a better, more functional YOU. If you are riddled with emotional or physical symptoms, the diet needs to shift. 

Shifting to a fruit based diet is the most direct path to greater vitality and enhanced quality of life. In driving toward your peak, nourishment becomes critical. Otherwise, you are perpetually grinding against your own design. 

How nourished are you? 

In truth, 

Steven Budden

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