Steven Budden, Flow Catalyst

I'm Steven Budden

After a series of unexpected awakening experiences, my life path became rooted in inspiring, orchestrating, and nourishing personal, professional, and organizational transformation.

The Seed(s)

In 2005, my father and I were walking along a beach when a woman ran past us. As she shrunk into the distance, I knew I'd never see her again. When a glistening wave swept in and washed away her prints, I experienced a sort of awakening; a layer of the veil fell away. 

The state of aliveness was so intense that it was difficult to 'contain' physically, so I tumbled in and out, always holding that as a baseline. But the seed was planted. 

In 2008, I was bodyboarding off of another beach, and a wave slammed me head first into the ocean floor. I broke my neck, and when I crawled out of the water, Budden Enterprises was born. In working to heal this injury, the somatic component was introduced to the life enhancement equation. 

While training in touch-based modalities with brilliant, intuitive body workers and coaches, I discovered that by using a certain quality of touch, or by making micro-adjustments to posture, fundamental life shifts occurred in the client. Life shifts so profound that they rarely occurred through conversation alone, or meditation, or movement, or plant medicine... or anything. Lifetime patterns often collapsed, sometimes instantly; sometimes in layers.

I orchestrate breakthroughs by combining radical somatic strategies with compassionate, directed conversations. I don't 'contribute' anything; I simply clear obstacles to the essence or the true self. I call this the Budden Process. 

I work with a handful of clients..., leaders, executives, creatives, and entrepreneurs... mostly by referral. We work with the sole aim of exponentially enhancing the quality of life (and navigating ambitious life changes), often within seemingly 'impossible' timeframes. 

I've been refining these solutions for years, obsessively working to discover subtle and profound ways to enhance aliveness and increase effectiveness; to decrease the friction that slows the translation from intention into reality. If a little healing or awakening happens along the way, there will be space for that, too.

Your evolutionary leap, delivered.

Looking forward,  


PS. I owe a lot to meditation, which has laid the groundwork for much of my understanding (particularly Vipassana and Zen). I'm an avid student of religions, though I consider myself more spiritual than religious. I've been influenced by Werner Erhard, Gurdjieff, and various Zen teachers. Songs I've written can be found on Pandora, under my pseudonym. I practice Chen Tai Chi to cultivate embodiment. I taught English in South Korea for a time. I've lived on a yoga retreat that doubled as an organic peach; I've lived on a sailboat in the Bay Area for a few years, while writing a novel; I spent 3 years living in a cabin in the redwoods, and ate mostly fruit for one of those years. I moonlight as a graphic designer, branding expert, and copywriter. I am a casual lover of mechanical typewriters, my favorite being the Olivetti Lettera 32, which is usually on my desk, or a Smith Corona Silent Sterling. I was a professional portrait artist, rendering life-sized portraits in oils. I have an MFA from SFAI, where I focused on the notion that abstract painting could provide healing to the creator and viewer. I'm passionate about studying what drives people, and the ideal diet for optimal functioning. I've completed a number of water, juice, and dry fasts. I once wrote a screenplay, Enlightenment is Guaranteed, about a company that provides enlightenment experiences, many years before I began life enhancement consulting. Enlightenment is not guaranteed yet, though the ambition inspire me. I am the father of a new daughter, Rose. She was born as a footling breach, naturally. Love is the answer.